Old Minton Ruins

The ruins of the once-great city of Minton lie just west of the Ruins of East Minton and north across the swamp from Clysmort. The only way to get here is to follow a path through the swamp; Jethro, a hermit in Clysmort, knows the way and will lead adventurers for a mere 10 pp.

OMR is where the guildhalls were located in times past, sort of what Haven is now. It is roughly divided into east and west Minton; the eastern part is where the black zombies roam the streets, and the guildhalls are occupied by blue skeletons. The western part is zombie guards and elite blues. The upper floors of each guild are occupied by undead versions of the appropriate class (the fighter guild has fighter classes, the mage guild mage classes, etc.). There is a large tower in the middle of the western part of town; the doors are locked, and there is no access.

Gameplay Information

The runes and teleportal at the swamp entrance are set to L17.

One member of each class in the guilds (the (Class) Trainer) also has a key. You must get all these keys to gain access to each training center, which have item and stat runes in them (5 in all). Each Master in the training center also has an emblem, which has no use as yet.


Black zombies are L21, and zombie guards L23; blue skeletons are L22, elite blues L24, and undead classes are L23 (east) and L25-27 (west and upper floors in the east).


Old Minton Ruins, Level 1

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