Goblin Tunnel

The Goblin Tunnel is, like the name suggests, a long tunnel through the mountains filled with goblins. The entrace is located right near Verbonic Pub (just go out the west door and follow the path).

The tunnel itself is divided into two parts; each has its own teleportal - the first at the beginning of the tunnel, and the second at a place where the tunnel turns and levels off at a large cavern. The goblins and boars get tougher the further one goes; the tunnel itself ends in a large cavern used as a barracks for fierce goblins and boars. A secret door in this area leads to a one-way teleport, which drops the hero right in the middle of another cavern occupied by elite goblins.

Once you slay all these goblins, you are free to search the area for a second secret door (the obvious doors are locked), which leads to a winding, partially water-filled passage. This goes to the vestibule of the Goblin Lord's lair, where he lies in wait with his guards and a healer and witch.

Gameplay Information

None of the teleportals here have level requirements.

A maximum of three characters can go to the lord's lair at any given time. The lord's lair also has a secret door access to the path to the Hobgoblin Fortress; in order to cross the rune squares, however, the king must be alive and on the throne (which means either not killing him, or killing him, going into the secret room, and waiting until he respawns).


The tunnel starts off with normal goblins and boars (L5), progressing to fierce goblins (L7) and elite goblins (L9) The guards, strangely, are only L5; the healer/witch are L11, and the lord is L13.


Goblin Tunnel Lower

Goblin Tunnel Upper + Lord's Lair

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