"Namer" is a title given to unique, named hostile NPCs. This section provides a handy index, including names, types, levels, and where they can be found. Lords are marked in bold. These monsters have special abilities above and beyond normal mobs. They are immune to the effects of killing/slaying weapons, and they may also search your body if you die near one. This causes your gear to be left on the ground after you are returned to life, forcing you to find the location of your death in order to retrieve your equipment.



Name Level Location
Goblin Lord Goblin Tunnel


All hobgoblin namers can be found in the Hobgoblin Fortress.

Name Level Location
Armbreaker THF IF
Armtwister THF
Babybutcher 30 THF IF
Backbreaker 21 THF
Backstabber 25 THF
Bash 21 THF
Blooddrinker 36 THF IF
Blooddrooler 31 THF IF
Bloodsucker 21 THF
Bonebasher 30 THF IF
Bonecruncher THF
Boneripper THF
Bonesnapper 21 THF
Brainbeater 21 THF
Braineater 32 THF IF
Buttbasher THF
Buttkicker 30 THF IF
Corpsestabber 34 THF IF
Crush 21 THF
Facemasher THF
Feetbeater 25 THF
Feeteater 32 THF
Footstabber 34 THF IF
Footstomper THF
Gouger 21 THF
Groinkicker 34 THF IF
Gutpuncher THF IF
Gutripper THF
Handcrusher 30 THF IF
Headbasher 21 THF
Headcrusher THF
Headsmasher 30 THF
Heartstabber THF IF
Kneebreaker 34 THF IF
Lady Blooddrinker 36 THF IF
Mouthsmasher 25 THF IF
Scalptaker THF IF
Skullcrusher 21 THF
Wristbreaker THF IF


Name Level Location
King 8 KOKAS +2
Queen 8 KOKAS +2


Most orcs can be found in the Orc Fortress, though dark orcs inhabit the town of Aphelion.

Name Level Location
Acx 18 Haven North
Ak 18 Orc Fortress
Bif 18 Orc Fortress
Buj 18 Orc Fortress
Bur 18 Orc Fortress
Dek 18 Orc Fortress
Fie 18 Orc Fortress
Ger 18 Orc Fortress
Gug 18 Orc Fortress
Gyn 18 Orc Fortress
Hix 18 Orc Fortress
Ig 18 Orc Fortress
Jik 18 Orc Fortress
Kew 18 Orc Fortress
Kol 18 Orc Fortress
Luh 18 Orc Fortress
Mal 18 Orc Fortress
Mar 18 Orc Fortress
Oop 18 Orc Fortress
Orc King Orc Fortress
Orf 18 Orc Fortress
Orp 18 Orc Fortress
Pik 18 Orc Fortress
Pog 18 Orc Fortress
Pul 18 Orc Fortress
Rac 18 Orc Fortress
Rew 18 Orc Fortress
Rod 18 Orc Fortress
Rud 18 Orc Fortress
Sap 18 Orc Fortress
Snuff 53 Aphelion
Sok 18 Orc Fortress
Tox 18 Orc Fortress
Uhg 18 Orc Fortress
Wuq 18 Orc Fortress
Zek 18 Orc Fortress
Zit 18 Orc Fortress


Since there is a large number of human namers, it's far easier to split them up by location.


Name Level Location
Krell Warden 5 Breedery, L3


Name Level Location
Ada North Tower
Adolf South Tower
Adelbert South Tower
Alban South Tower
Albrecht Dark Tower
Aleksi DZ_2
Alfreda South Tower
Alois South Tower
Andrei DZ_3
Annelie South Tower
Antje North Tower
Armin Dark Tower
Arndt Dark Tower
Arseni DZ_3
August Dark Tower
Barambas South Tower
Bastion South Tower
Baston Dark Tower
Beatrix North Tower
Benjamin Dark Tower
Burkhard South Tower
Carina Dark Tower
Christin Dark Tower
Clemens South Tower
Cort Dark Tower
Cosmo South Tower
Deithelm South Tower
Deniska DZ_4
Dick South Tower
Diederick Dark Tower
Dimitri DZ_2
Eckbert Dark Tower
Egon South Tower
Emil North Tower
Engel South Tower
Erik Dark Tower
Evert South Tower
Fabian South Tower
Fedor DZ_2
Ferde South Tower
Florian Dark Tower
Franz South Tower
Friedhelm Dark Tower
Friedhold Dark Tower
Friedrich South Tower
Gavrel DZ_4
Gerhardt South Tower
Gertrud South Tower
Gisbert Dark Tower
Gotthilf Dark Tower
Gottlieb South Tower
Gregor South Tower
Gretchen North Tower
Grigori DZ_3
Gundula South Tower
Gunter North Tower
Guntram Dark Tower
Heiner South Tower
Helmfrid Dark Tower
Hendrick South Tower
Henning South Tower
Henrik South Tower
Heribert Dark Tower
Hilda North Tower
Hinrich South Tower
Huppert South Tower
Ignatz South Tower
Ilya DZ_1
Irma Dark Tower
Isador South Tower
Isidor Dark Tower
Ivan DZ_1
Ivo Dark Tower
Joachim North Tower
Jonas North Tower
Judith Dark Tower
Jurg DZ_3
Jurgen South Tower
Kali North Tower
Karla South Tower
Karlmann North Tower
Kiril DZ_4
Kirill DZ_4
Kolman Dark Tower
Kriemhilde Dark Tower
Krista South Tower
Kuno South Tower
Kurt South Tower
Lanzo South Tower
Leon Dark Tower
Leonhard Dark Tower
Leonid DZ_2
Levka DZ_3
Linus North Tower
Liselotte Dark Tower
Lorenz Dark Tower
Ludolf Dark Tower
Luitger South Tower
Luitpold Dark Tower
Lutz South Tower
Manfred Dark Tower
Marele South Tower
Margrit South Tower
Marwin South Tower
Mathis South Tower
Meine South Tower
Meino North Tower
Mikhail DZ_3
Moritz Dark Tower
Myrten Dark Tower
Nikolai DZ_3
Olaf Dark Tower
Oleg DZ_4
Oskar Dark Tower
Pankraz Dark Tower
Petya DZ_4
Philo South Tower
Rein Dark Tower
Reinhold South Tower
Rochus South Tower
Rolf South Tower
Rurik DZ_3
Sascha Dark Tower
Semyon DZ_4
Sepp South Tower
Siegfried South Tower
Sieghard Dark Tower
Siegmund South Tower
Sigismund Dark Tower
Silvester South Tower
Simon Dark Tower
Soren Dark Tower
Suzann South Tower
Svenja Dark Tower
Thorben South Tower
Tillo South Tower
Tolenka DZ_1
Torsten South Tower
Traugott Dark Tower
Ueli Dark Tower
Udo Dark Tower
Ura Dark Tower
Vanya DZ_4
Vassi DZ_4
Veit Dark Tower
Verena South Tower
Vester South Tower
Vestor South Tower
Viktor DZ_3
Vinzenz Dark Tower
Vladmir DZ_1
Volker North Tower
Waldemar South Tower
Weiland South Tower
Winfried Dark Tower
Wolfram Dark Tower
Yakov DZ_2
Yerik DZ_4
Zivon DZ_3


Name Level Area
Aalal 59 Jal EK
Abab 61 Jal Pal
Aban 43 Jal TF
Abra 47 Jal FE
Ahab1 46 Jal FE
Ahmed2 48 Jal TF
Akaam 60 Jal Pal
Akeem 50 Jal Pal
Akeem3 50 Jal TF
Akiz 51 Jal KF
Alad 49 Jal BUN
Alass 49 Jal KF
Aleed 51 Jal KF
Alem 49 Jal BUN
Amaad 56 Jal EW
Amah 53 Jal EF
Amall 53 Jal EF
Amat 53 Jal EF
Arad 51 Jal KF
Asaad Jal Palace
Asaam Jal Palace
Asad 56 Jalzabad
Aseed 49 Jal BUN
Assad 45 Jal FE
Calah 51 Jal KF
Dalan 43 Jal TF
Dhema 43 Jal TF
Elaah 50 Jal EF
Elaar Jal Palace
Elar 45 Jal BUN
Eleem 54 Jalzabad
Eleet Jal Palace
Elem 51 Jal KF
Faizel Jal_EF
Fasad 49 Jal BUN
Fawaz Jal_FE
Fazaz 48 Jal KF
Fazeed 51 Jal KF
Hahah 52 Jalzabad
Haidar JAL_EK
Hakeed Jal Palace
Hakim 45 Jal FE
Halaam 59 Jal EK
Halah 55 Jal EW
Hanid 47 Jalzabad
Hasad 51 Jal KF
Hasam 59 Jal EK
Haseed Jal Palace
Hassan 41 Jal FE
Ileem 55 Jalzabad
Imad Jal_EW
Imam Jal_FE
Isad Jal_KF*
Islad 58 Jalzabad
Islah 50 Jal EF
Islom 59 Jal EK
Islot 49 Jal BUN
Isom 56 Jal EK
Itsbah 57 Jal EM
Jabar 45 Jal FE
Jabil 43 Jal TF
Jawez 47 Jal TF
Kalaah 57 Jal EM
Kaleem 55 Jal EW
Kamal 49 Jalzabad
Kamar 41 Jal FE
Kazeed 51 Jal KF
Kolah 57 Jal EM
Koola Jal Palace
Lalah 52 Jalzabad
Lama 45 Jal BUN
Lamal 49 Jal BUN
Lameem 56 Jal EK
Larah 51 Jal KF
Lazeed 48 Jal KF
Lebaad 60 Jalzabad
Lemez 51 Jal KF
Likad 59 Jalzabad
Malam 58 Jalzabad
Malat 58 Jal FE
Malik Jal_EW
Masood 51 Jal KF
Massur 41 Jal FE
Moham 58 Jal EM
Mulaah 60 Jalzabad
Mulah 48 Jal KF
Nadir 41 Jal FE
Naji Jal_FE
Nakeed4 Jal Palace
Naseem 47 Jal TF
Okam 51 Jal KF
Omak 58 Jalzabad
Omal 57 Jalzabad
Omar 45 Jal FE
Omat 45 Jal BUN
Omsom 59 Jal EK
Omut 49 Jal BUN
Opah 53 Jal EF
Opah Jal_KF*
Orae 46 Jal BUN
Osam 55 Jal EW
Otah 54 Jalzabad
Pala 51 Jal KF
Polaa Jal Palace
Qutoze 47 Jal TF
Ra'd Jal_TF1
Raheem Jal_KF*
Ramal Jal_FE
Reelah 53 Jal EF
Sadah 53 Jal EF
Salaad 54 Jal EF
Salaam Jal Palace
Salam 57 Jal EM
Salih Jal_FE
Sapaah 59 Jal EK
Shihab Jal_EF
Ulah 51 Jal KF
Zabell 47 Jal TF
Zaleem 55 Jal EW
Zayd 49 Jal_BUN1 (Mercenaries)

1 Drops Monk emblem.

2 Drops Warrior emblem.

3 Drops Mercenary emblem.

4 Drops Assassin emblem.


Name Level Area
Basher 24 Mar East
Cutter 24 Mar East
Lady Eleen 29 Mar West
Lord Baraxus 26 Mar East
Lord Bast 25 Mar West
Lord Broad 25 Mar West
Lord Flai 24 Mar West
Lord Greek 24 Mar West
Lord Hal 24 Mar West
Lord Heavy 25 Mar West
Lord Long 24 Mar West
Lord Luc 25 Mar West
Lord Maximux 29 Mar West
Lord Morn 25 Mar West
Lord Small 25 Mar West
Slasher 25 Mar East
Slicer 25 Mar East
Wailer 23 Mar East


Name Level Area
Acaius Per VWM
Aerel 26 Per W
Aeschines 33 Per SW
Apolonius 37 Per VK
Aritheus 33 Per VWM
Anacreus 29 Per MK
Anthiphius 35 Per VM
Aristius 37 Per VK
Arusteus 40 PRG
Belesus 36 PRG 2
Cranius 29 Per MK
Crimeus PRG*
Deigonus 36 Per VM
Deranas 33 Per SW
Dimonius 25 Per MK
Diodius 37 Per VK
Epectus 38 Per VK
Epesus 31 Per K
Epitotus 26 Per MK
Fibulus 26 Per W
Galen 31 Per K
Hector 33 Per SW
Hekleus 38 PRG 2
Hemingus 31 Per VM
Hepatus 31 Per K
Hercalet 29 Per MK
Herpetus 38 PRG 2
Hipoclies 27 Per K
Hippolcats 31 Per VM
Hocer 26 Per W
Holseus 36 PRG
Kerter 38 PRG 3
Leonidas 33 Per SW
Lepas 29 Per SW
Lepius Per VWM
Lersius 33 Per SW
Liggus 31 Per VM
Meklekeus 36 PRG
Merceles 26 Per W
Merkeous 40 PRG 3
Misleus 33 Per VK
Nectarius 37 Per VK
Necter 26 Per W
Nepoto 39 PRG 3
Opeses 26 Per MK
Oranus Per M
Oresteus 38 PRG 2
Peoleus 29 Per SW
Perpanous 29 Per SW
Pesus 26 Per W
Phidias 29 Per SW
Plutonius 37 Per VK
Polybius 31 Per K
Popeues 38 PRG 2
Pratus 35 Per VWM
Renes 26 Per W
Sepatus 35 Per VM
Solius 33 Per SW
Sophaties 29 Per SW
Teleas 33 Per SW
Terminius 27 Per K
Theomenius 35 Per VM
Timeus 29 Per SW
Varoius 33 Per VK
Xeres 26 Per W
Xersan 34 Per SW
Xever 25 Per MK


Name Level Area
Ackerly Val_RG*
Alden Val Palace*
Aleyn Val_RG*
Ashton Val_RG*
Atkin Val_RG*
Atmore Val Palace*
Balder Val Palace*
Blaise Val_RG*
Blake Val_RG*
Bradley Val_S*
Brigham Val Palace*
Bud VRG*
Carson Val_RG*
Chad Val Palace*
Charles Val_4
Dixon Val_2
Edmund Val_RG*
Edward Val_3
Eric Val_RG*
Galt Val Palace*
Garrick Val_RG*
George Val_1
Gibson Val Palace*
Hank VRG*
Hareld Val_3
Hartley Val_RG*
Haywood Val Palace*
Henry Val_1
Hugh Val_RG*
Jack Val_S*
James Val_4
John Val_1
Jonathen Val_RG*
Joseph Val_2
Kenneth Val_3
Landon Val_RG*
Lawrence Val_4
Lee Val_S*
Leonard Val_2
Locke Val Palace*
Maan VRG*
Mark Val_RG*
Marlow Val_RG*
Marshall Val Palace*
Martin Val_RG*
Osborn Val_RG*
Paul Val_2
Philip Val Palace*
Pierce Val Palace*
Radnor Val Palace*
Ramsey Val_RG*
Rexford Val Palace*
Robert Val_3
Ronald Val_S*
Samuel Val_RG*
Shaw Val_4
Stephen Val_2
Stich VRG*
Talon Val Palace*
Theo Val_RG*
Thomas Val_4
Thornton Val_RG*
Thorpe Val_RG*
Trent Val Palace*
Vincent Val_3
Wallace Val_RG*
Walter Val_1
William 67 Val_1

Valley of the Krell

Name Level Area
Eduard 18 Bastion of the Krell Elite
Elise 14 Castle of the Krell Lord
Harold 16 Castle of the Krell Lord
Jonathan 14 Castle of the Krell Lord
Lenuard 18 Bastion of the Krell Elite
Mary 18 Bastion of the Krell Elite
Zapolis 18 Bastion of the Krell Elite



Name Level Location
Balah 47 Graveyard Of Old Minton
ghoul prince* Graveyard Of Old Minton
ghoul queen* Graveyard Of Old Minton

*These names aren't capitalized.


Name Level Location
Imhotep UCV
Menses UCV
Ramses UCV
Seth UCV


Name Level Location
Gilmore 21 Ruins Of East Minton
Helena 23 Ruins Of East Minton
Henri Graveyard of Krell Heroes
Herman 23 Ruins Of East Minton
Michael 18 Graveyard of Krell Heroes
Rezz 23 Ruins Of East Minton
Richard Graveyard of Krell Heroes
Sneeb Ruins Of East Minton
Village Mayor 8 Undead Village
Zok 27 Inn of the Undead

These are unsorted at the moment.

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