There are events sponsored by the PTB (Powers That Be) as well as the LOR (Lords and Ladies of the Realm) where players may participate, and gain Role Playing Points (RPP), which may be used to purchase an enchanted or other valuable item, as well as experience and Training Points (TRP), and in most cases special prizes like Quest Potions and Experience Potions.

Due to the actions of some problem players, players must be on a Game Plan to participate in monster summoning or player vs player tournaments. Party brawls, and non-combat events may be attended by all (as long as players to not cause problems).

Players should note that, generally speaking, the LOR runs their event the way they want, and may prohibit problem players (as they see it) from participating. If a player does not like the way an LOR runs their event, the option they have is to not attend. Constructive comments in the forums about how an event is run are accepted but complaints, are not. Again, if a player does not like how an LOR runs their event, their option is to not attend.

This is a schedule of events that are listed as of August 24th, 2011. Events are hosted by a Lord or one of the PTB. Each competition rewards participants with various prizes from XP potions to magical gear. All times are Eastern Standard Time.


Day Event Type Time Location Host
Sunday Guild vs. Guild 8 PM Greenwood Arena The PTB
Monday Monster Summoning 10 PM Clysmort Arena Lord Perralus
Tuesday Realm Quest 10 PM Uswick Pub The PTB
Wednesday No Event - - -
Thursday Top Player / Team Players Tournament 10 PM Baralza Arena The PTB
Thursday Pub Brawl 12 AM Baralza Pub Lord Rock
Friday Guild vs Monster 10 PM Greenwood Arena The PTB
Friday Monster Summoning 12 AM Verbonic Arena Lord Merith
Saturday No Event - - -

Event Descriptions

  • Guild vs. Guild: Two guilds take to the field in a mass melee. Whichever guild has members remaining at the end wins.
  • Guild vs. Monster:
  • Monster Summoning: PCs take to the field to fight solo. The host summons monsters starting at or below the contender's level and increasing it by one level each time the player wins. Whoever can kill the monster with the highest level difference (the difference between his level and the monster's) wins.
  • Top Player/Team Players Tournament:
  • Pub Brawl: A winner-take-all grand melee, but everyone is out for him- or herself. Last person standing wins.


Role Playing Points (RPP) are the main reward for participation in events. Each event is worth up to 5 RPP, depending on the length of the event. The table below indicates how long an event must be attended in order to receive a given reward. Once earned, these points may be spent with the help of a LOR in exchange for powerful items.

Length Of Event RPP Reward
0-29 minutes 3
30-59 minutes 4
60+ minutes 5

Item Cost

The RPP cost for each item is listed in the table below. This RPP cost is an approximation of the item's in-game value, so if something seems expensive, it's probably worth it.

Item RPP Cost
+0 Enchanted Weapon 50
+1 Enchanted Weapon 250
+0 Enchanted Armor 20
+1 Enchanted Armor 100
Rune Increase Weapon to +1 62
Rune Increase Weapon to +2 125
Rune Increase Armor to +1 25
Rune Increase Armor to +2 50
Artifact Weapon to +2 250
Artifact Weapon to +3 500
Artifact Armor to +2 100
Artifact Armor to +3 200
Blank Enchanted Staff/Broom 50

Cost Reduction and Bonus RPP

Because a higher GP is the chosen method for faster advancement in the game, a high GP also decreases the amount of RPP required to buy an item. At high level GP's bonus RPP are also awarded.

GP Reduction Bonus
10 50% -
15 66.5% -
20 74.875% -
30 74.875% 50%
50 74.875% 100%
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