Weapons and armor in Alhanzar can have varying levels of craftsmanship, which typical require superior skills or materials as follows:


  • Well Crafted: These are typically weapons where the local smithy has applied the exceptional abilities or materials available to him in the construction of the weapon. Weapons at this level of craftsmanship are +1 in combat.
  • Finely Crafted: These are weapons where the smithy of a major city in the land has applied the exceptional procedures or materials at his disposal in the construction of the item. Such weapons are +2 in combat.
  • Expertly Crafted: Items where the king's smithy has applied his exceptional materials or procedures in the construction of the item. These exceptional items are +3 in combat.
  • Superbly Crafted: Weapons where a king's smithy has come up with a process or procedure that is superior to those in all the other nations in the land. These weapons are +4 in combat.
  • Perfectly Crafted: A weapon that is constructed with all the best processes and materials available in all the kingdoms throughout the land. These weapons are rare and are a +5 in combat.
  • Enchanted: Only weapons which began as perfectly crafted may become enchanted. If enchanted, the physical abilities of the weapon do not change, but a level of intelligence is imparted to the weapon. Such weapons are +6 or greater in combat, depending on the level of enchantment.

Effects on Other Items

  • Armor: Armor of superior craftsmanship works similar to weapons, except the advantage is in increasing the armor blocks of the armor.
  • Shields: Similarly, shields of superior craftsmanship increase one's blocking level with the shield.
  • Boots and Shoes: Superior craftsmanship here increases one's dodge level.
  • Helms: Superior craftsmanship in helms increases one's resistance to head blows caused by hits from weapons.
  • Gauntlets and Gloves: Superior craftsmanship here increases one's resistance to being knocked down by weapon attacks.

Superior Base Materials

Weapons and armor can also be made of different, better quality materials than normal. Base level is the lowest item level at which an item of that type may be found; Modifier is the bonus to attack or defense the item grants.

Metal Weapons and Armor

Material Base Level Modifier
Iron 0 +0
Steel 3 +2
Adamantine 6 +3
Mithril 9 +4
Titanium 12 +5
Black Mithril 15 +6

Wooden Weapons

Material Base Level Modifier
Wooden 0 +0
Oaken 3 +2
Ironwood 6 +3
Elven Forest 9 +4
Druid Realm 12 +5
Elven Realm 15 +6

Cloth and Leather Armor

Material Base Level Modifier
Cloth or Leather 0 +0
Corinthian 3 +3
Wyvern Hide 6 +6
Dragonette 9 +9
Young Dragon 12 +12
Red Dragon 15 +15
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