Character Creation

When you first start to play the game, your choices are simple. Pick a pre-built character from the list and you're done. Picking from this list is your only option until one of your characters reaches level 5. Once you reach level 5 the character generator becomes unlocked on the character menu.

The Optimized List

Starting players pick their characters from the 'Optimized Character List'. The characters in this list have been created by the designer and are thus optimized relative to their starting stats, etc, and come fully equipped, already dedicated to a class, etc. There is a wide selection of these and, after starting, with respect to equipment found, skills trained in, etc, each character rapidly becomes totally unique and many players long term just stick with them rather than 'rolling their own'. All you need to do is to select which one you want and decide upon a name.

In any case, when first starting, it is recommended that you start out with a fighter class (knight, warrior, mercenary or monk) character, simply because, with the other classes, you have to pick up everything you need to know to play a fighter, plus spells, prayers, backstabbing, or other special abilities. So, fighter class characters are much easier to play early on and, with MRA's advanced melee system, are a very good choice long term as well.

Character Generator

The character generator allows you to create a character based on a point buy system. With this point buy system you are granted 18 points and are allowed to spend them as you wish on each stat.
The first screen of the character generator lets you pick your race and gender. There are two screens worth of races so if you don't like any of races on the first page, press F1 to see the next. Stat adjustments are listed for each race. A plus sign means that this stat will start one higher then normal, and a minus sign indicates that this stat will start one lower then normal. To learn more about this process visit the Starting Characters for Experienced Players page.

Races and Gender

The race and gender you choose for your character will not only determine your stats, but also your appearance. When first starting, these are is not important, as this decision is made for you. To learn more about how this affects game-play, visit the Race and Gender page.


Character classes are broken down into several subtypes; Fighters, Rouges, Clerics, and Mages. Each class in the game falls under one of those subtypes. Some classes also have minimum stat requirements. For a more detailed look at how each class plays the game, you can read about each class from the Classes page.

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