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This wiki is the best source of information for the Mystic Realms of Alhanzar RPG, built by the power of a community whose information is spread widely across many sources. If you don't know how to edit wiki pages, you can pick it up in about ten minutes (the simplest stuff) or no more than an hour (for the more advanced stuff). The goal here is to remove the requirement for new players to have to ask question after question just to figure out how to play, and we can simply point them here.

Please be aware that the wiki is currently undergoing a major renovation. What you see now is by no means a final design, and may change from day to day.

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The Mystic Realms of Alhanzar (MRA as we like to call it) is a full color, graphical, online, multi-player, fantasy role-playing game, with many advanced features developed over a period of years.

Most importantly, MRA avoids the 'hack and slash' syndrome that many FRP games suffer from by providing a highly developed melee combat system, with a wide selection of melee weapons (including magical, enchanted, and different levels of craftsmanship), each with different attack choices, and graphical information presented each turn from which to make your decisions. With this system, melee combat is never dull and never devolves into 'hack and slash'.

MRA also offers a 3D 'birds-eye view' display, tactical map, real-time movement, six different types of inter-player communication (some telepathic), skill based systems (where you decide for yourself what skills you are best in) for all classes, contiguous architecture world/dungeon design (allowing the game to be expanded in every direction to any degree), online quests and other activities, full guild support including guild halls, castles and manors, various forums for discussion, and significantly developed online help and player's manual making it as easy as possible to get into the game.

MRA currently supports 12 races, 10 classes and character development up to level 115+, but is nonetheless a long term project with more classes, enhancements to the graphics and artwork, continued world/dungeon development, and other enhancements, planned for the future. So, it is more of a game for those looking for long term value rather than a game that you might only play for a month or so.

Interested in contributing? The wiki is open to anyone who wishes to add information. Just sign up for a free account, then ask anyone in game for the password. Once you're in, check out this handy guide to editing pages. If you want to contribute but don't feel like adding anything yourself, you can simply post on the forums - you don't need an account to post there.

Getting The Game

If you think you're ready to start playing the game, just use the link below to begin the download.


MRA News

  • December 2nd, 2010: As of today a new download of the OGN/MRA client is required to access the game. This is due to a change in the IP address of the game server. The download link on this page should direct you to the required version. As of today, no previous version of the client will be able to contact the server. A copy the email that was sent out is available here.
  • 22 Oct: Server version 15.1: Boost potions have been added. Also, some potions' effects last 10x as long to aid in hunting (though MeNo said that since they pretty well render perm potions pointless, he'll look at the effects).
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